Saturday, February 25, 2006

Fine Line Between Rock and Suckage

I just wanted to casually voice one unpopular opinion and that is that not everything fits in one genre only, in any field. Just as people can be cross-cultural or interracial or interreligious, music and perfume can indeed be cross-genre or impossible to classify (unique). The aspects that make one or the other can be perfectly balanced, making it impossible to categorize it exactly unless a new genre is created for it.

There was a post on the same forum I spoke of below that compared perfume to film which really fascinated me that sparked my thoughts.

In music, let's say there's this song that someone wrote and recorded. If the drums on it are loud, that song can be classified as Rock (of course assuming there are other aspects that make it so--loud drums don't equal Rock). But to a hardcore Rock person, that same song might sound like Pop if the drums aren't loud enough for his taste (in a word, suckage). A song can be both Pop and Rock (Pop Rock or Rock Pop) but which it "really is" depends on who you ask and the time you ask or the time you live in (fashion), etc.; anything can affect the opinions of the one perceiving it. What was once considered Rock is no longer...that sort of thing happens in music, too. That's why I say there's a gray area and that in the end it's subjective. Where is the truth, I wonder? I think it's that the aspects that we all pick up are different.