Sunday, February 26, 2006

Morgane le Fay

I used to have this and gave it to a friend a couple of years ago. Now I miss the smell for some odd reason and I'm thinking about replacing it, but it is nowhere to be found again. Does this ever happen to you, where you suddenly crave a scent? This perfume was a light floral with a woodsy-mossy feeling from what I recall--think wood nymphs. Here's the description from

Morgane Le Fay Classic Eau de Parfum
"A mingling of the finest natural oils of muguet, jasmine, moss, bergamot, rose de grasse, magnolia, and sandalwood. Unpretentiously intricate, subtly vibrant, our signature bottle suggests alchemy and precision."

The bottle is a tall alchemy-inspired flacon which is packaged inside a white box and that box comes *in*, not with, a black mesh drawstring bag--so beautiful and original. I got mine at the Times Square Sephora when they used to carry really cool and rare stuff.

Incidentally, the Spring 06 Morgane le Fay clothing line is also fabulous so check it out! I've always loved this designer for all the goth-ethereal black and white going on...this season there's some bright red as well. Hot with boots, totally my style. :-)