Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Music Reviews from TAXI (and what this perfumista really thinks of them)

I'm so happy that I'm finally getting my music heard and commented on by some professional reviewers at TAXI (www.taxi.com), an independent A&R company with connections to all the majors in the business. I thought I'd share some of my TAXI music reviews with fellow musicians, fans, perfumistas and anyone who cares about the topic. Please feel free to ask any questions and comment--I'd love to hear your views.

TAXI Review #1 Listener ID # 185

This is my favorite review so far. I like it because the reviewer went out of his way to sound encouraging which is rare. It's interesting to me that he wrote "you have almost created your own new genre" because I only use terms like Pop Rock Alternative as an attempt to categorize my own sound but I appreciate that he appreciates my attempt at carving out a new musical genre. He hears UK Garage in my verse which is cool--I love Garage although I personally think I borrowed more from Neo-Soul for "Come On Up". He sounds like he has good taste in music, though. I hope to hear from him again.

Overall Comments:
"Hey Sali! Thanks so much for submitting to this listing and being a taxi member. I wish I could forward you on but I cannot because your style is not the style of this listing. I appreciate that you have almost created your own new genre that's a blend as you say of pop and alternative rock, but for this listing, particularly since the ala artists' mentioned are on the indie side of alternative rock, you are not meeting the requirements 100%. I always think it's a really good idea to listen to the ala artists' mentioned in a listing before you submit. It's easy enough to go to itunes etc. and hear 30 seconds of an artist to get an idea of their sound and style. Once you do that you can match your songs to the listing that goes with your music. I think that the alas are the secret weapon to getting forwarded onto listings at TAXI. If you can do your best to understand that sound and match your sound and style accordingly, your chances of being forwarded on are going to be greater. I hope this makes sense! I think your songs are strong and you totally know how to sing and make great music. I think finding the right listing could help you the most at TAXI! I wish you all the best and again, THANKS!"

Come On Up
"Terrific beats! I think the verse has a uk garage tinge to it, no? That's cool. But that style is not the style of this listing. Make sure you are perusing the taxi POP listings as well. Please see overall comments."

You can hear "Come On Up" and my other songs at www.broadjam.com/salioguri