Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Music Reviews from TAXI (and what this perfumista really thinks of them)

TAXI Music Review #2 Listener ID # 202

I've been told by a seasoned Broadway writer that I should stop using synth sounds in my production because he can't hear my vocals over those sounds. He likes acoustic music with a traditional song structure. This reviewer sounds like he shares the same head. "Compelling melodies" are of course subjective, and if my goal is to get away from traditional soaring melodies in the chorus to bring a less showy, more beats-oriented Hip Hop flavor to the song, it's not going to please someone who wants Phantom of the Opera. He made some good points, though--granted certain '80s sounds have not made a comeback--yet we're wearing stirup pants again so..............go figure.

Overall Comments:
"I enjoyed listening to your submission. You do a great job with song structure. Each song has good dynamic contrast between verse/chorus sections. You do a nice job at conveying emotion with your vocals. That said, there is room for improvement in several areas. Melodically, the melodies are just not compelling enough. I've noticed that your choruses are written in a very narrow range. Perhaps if you opened up more your choruses would be hookier. Overall production approach is dated. Big reverb, synth strings are just not contemporary ideas. Even though the 80s are in, certain sounds are not. Try mixing in "real" instruments to your sound and produce vocals that are not so processed. Let us hear you!"