Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Musical Musings

So basically, from having read all of my critiques from TAXI, I think I can streamline my arrangements a little more for future recordings and play with different textures, create more dynamics in the arrangement so that the bigness of certain parts will sound fresher. I think I could cut out some of the reverb on my vocals, too. I do strive to take certain criticisms and grow from them. There is one criticism I've been getting constantly and it's about my lyrics. Let's talk about lyrics for a moment. I appreciate good lyrics even if I'm not a great lyricist by any stretch. I still wonder how important lyrics are to me as a music lover.

I listen to some songs because of the lyrics but 99% of the time, the lyrics are incidental for me and the music (the chords, the beats, the spontaneous phrasings of a good singer or instrumentalist) is what appeals to me most about music ("That's why we call it Music, not Lyrics"...I love this quote and I kiss the person who coined it. xxx). I listen to songs in foreign languages because again, good lyrics are nice to have but usually, I'm happy with maybe one or two words that appeal to me in the song and the rest is just frosting that I'm going to put on the side anyway. Give me the spongy part of the cake and I'm done.

Here's a review from the same reviewer as the one below (Lister ID #202) who'd like to hear more melodic lift in the chorus and acoustic instrumentation.

Come On Up
"I like how you get descriptive in the verses. It would be more powerful thought if you used more detail. ex: What sort of piano? Photographs of what?"

I get so much of the same criticism from other reviewers so I know I can improve on my storytelling--however, I also sense a stylistic difference between people who like stories in lyrics and those who really and truly do not, and I might be one of those people who prefer more abstraction. I don't know...I like abstract paintings, poetry, etc...wouldn't it make sense if I like the same in lyrics? Maybe it's because I don't like to think. Maybe it's because I like to think and don't need everything given away. What do you think? Perhaps I should analyze the songs I like and see which ones are lyric-driven and which are not.