Thursday, March 23, 2006

Chanel N°5 Parfum--My Spring Love Affair

Sometimes it takes awhile to tune into something that's beautifully made, but once you realize what to look for, you begin to pick those things up. I'm wearing Chanel No.5 parfum today and it's love. The main difference I can smell between Chanel No.5 and any other powdery fragrance I've ever smelled is in the incomparably smooth and delicate way that the airy powder touches my nose. It's really so gentle; the structure of it reminds me of the smell of fresh cream in a way--cool at the top and creamy in its heart, just a touch sweet but never overpowering. It seems impossible to go back to wearing anything else after this. Has anything taken your heart recently? I wish you a happy spring (or fall, depending on which hemisphere you're tuning in from)!