Sunday, March 12, 2006

Chris Rock: Thinking Cap On

First of all, the fact that he's a cutie goes without saying. Chris Rock is also one smart, caring man, and nothing rocks my boat like a man who is conscious and sensitive to the world's problems as his own.

It was shortly after 911: just a few days after, in fact. The air downtown still smelled of soot. I was still hosting my TV show for Japan and we happened to be filming at The Comedy Cellar in the Village. I was seated at a table upstairs with the comedians who were scheduled to perform that evening (about 5 or 6 of them--they were male & female and all very nice, and my miniskirt gave them plenty of material as we waited for our turns to go on) when I was called downstairs to be filmed wih the audience. As I walked downstairs, Chris Rock had walked in through the back door and there was some shuffle by the staircase, someone got a hold of me and I was told that he would go on first, so in a nutshell, I got to stay for his surprise performance.

I'm not a good joke-teller so I can't give you the routine, but I'll never forget that one of the things he said was that he couldn't understand why anyone would hate each other and "fight over which side of the border we fell out of our mother's p*****s on".

The truth is often very simple but it takes an intelligent person to see it.