Saturday, March 18, 2006

More '50s and The Wild Wild West

Edie might be the choice muse of many urban women but the push for all things un-Edie is overwhelming right now. Today I studied the pages of a fashion magazine but there was nothing I liked about the issue.

I do like some of the new trends (especially the "Cat On a Hot Tin Roof" knee-length pencil skirt and the "Cowgirl" denim shorts) but I can't wrap my brain around talk of corsets (or corset-like body wraps for that hourglass look), an advertisement for a Skin Whitening (whoops--sorry--it's called "brightening" now) product by Shiseido, more "Dior New Look", more "innocence" (some of which make this ingenue happy), images of big hair and decolletage, "luxurious" (fussy) dresses replacing the "little black cliche", lots of "Western" (duster coats, cuffed jeans and yes, the shorts) and "Preppy" with glimpses of "Punk" mixed in for the illusion of edge.

Then there was an article which mentioned that the perfuming habits of Americans are shocking to a Frenchwoman for whom a collection of more than 5 perfumes is simply unfathomable. I know perfume branding (getting young people loyal to buying a signature scent for a lifetime) is an important goal for the fragrance industry but I can't help but think "Maybe we're supposed to put the money we save on more important things like skin brightening creams". By the way, I've been hearing for awhile now that Green might be the next scent trend. Has anyone heard of Ma Griffe and Diorissimo? They were the proper perfumes for proper ladies of the '50s and '60s (my mother wore Diorissimo as a signature in the '60s). For the people who think Green perfumes smell way too retro and mature: I think we'll see these types of scents make a comeback in some shape or form, pushed alongside the powdery-soft and quiet scents, all marketed under the buzzword "feminine".

I think I finally understand what the TAXI reviewers meant by "the new, cool aesthetic": It's a little bit Country, a little bit Glam and a whole lotta Twilight Zone.

(Image: Birth of the Cool
Album by Miles Davis
Released February 1957
Recorded January 21 & April 22, 1949, & March 9, 1950
Genre(s) Hard bop)