Sunday, March 05, 2006

Music Reviews from TAXI (and what this perfumista really thinks of them)

Music Review From TAXI Listener ID # 213

Here's another good review in my opinion; the reviewer was pretty encouraging and I felt good about his vibe. I learned something new and that is that if two songs have different song structures (one has ABC (verse, pre-chorus, chorus) and another has AC (verse-chorus)), it could confuse the artist package. Live and learn! I need to make sure that all songs I submit have the exact same song structure.

I can't help but wonder if the same rule applies to the world of fragrance, where a perfumer is expected to whip out the same basic scent structure each time or people wouldn't understand their scent identity. If anyone knows about this, please comment. For now, I better stick to the traditional pyramid structure and stay away from creating soliflores and linear scents!

Overall Comments:
"Dear Sali, song # 1 (Infinite Tenderness) Some great original production ideas, some unique and clever ideas, but the guitar and drums sounds could be much better. The piano parts are very nice. An interesting direction here and a great voice to match. Very nice contrast between sections. I think with better production on this song, you might have something here. song # 2 (Before We Say Goodnight) Very pretty song here. Intimate vocal performance. Production too safe and predictable. Song melody is safe, so bring it somewhere up to the first songs direction. It sounds too AC and confuses your package. I wish you had another song in this package since the two songs you have submitted are too different from each other to define your artist identity. You have a great voice, some great moments here in each song, but stylistically they are worlds away from each other. The first song has qualities of Evanescence and the second song sounds like Vanessa Williams. It is obvious that you are versatile, but be more focused in your presentation.

Bio Comments:
"Informative and shows potential. I have a feeling we will be hearing more about Sali. Excellent artist photo.

The main reason you were or were not forwarded for this listing is:
"Although a great singer, some unique elements, stylistically different songs do not solidify the direction and genre of the artist. At this time, I can not forward to this listing"

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