Monday, March 13, 2006

Musical Musings: Dear Taxi (and anyone who cares)

Dear TAXI,

I just have one question today, and that is:

Why do some reviewers think that synths combined with heavy guitars reminiscent of the '80s is out of context and/or dated?

I don't understand the adamant push toward acoustic arrangements (unless these listings are pitches to Disney where Country Folk elements have been strong in recent years. And there's nothing like seasoned songwriters recreating The Killers in a corporate kid-friendly version, complete with bad music and pretentious lip sync by 4 handsome wanna-make-'em-American-idols). I also don't see "Roots Indie Rock" being "edgier" than Dance Rock. I know my stuff doesn't sound like a Duran Duran-Queen-Elvis-Beatles-retro U2-Depeche Mode-Blondie-1950's-early-60s-early-80s-(add favorite tortured and underappreciated musician you hear in their music right here) revival like The Killers do, but what it is is Synth Rock with other elements, and I think people want Synth Pop-Rock right now if my fans are any indication.

While I have you here, I don't like the rubato thing I hear in many songs lately--the very show tuney lull in time followed by a dramatic big musical moment which always sounds like Judy Garland or Meat Loaf to me. But one thing I can do is take it in and appreciate it for what it is because it's the sound of the time.

Sorry for the rant. Thank you for all you're doing for me in making me a better musician every day.

Sali Oguri