Friday, March 17, 2006

My Muse Has Spoken

Well, it's been a productive day and I'm feeling great. I wrote a song and finished making about 30 bottles of Pink Manhattan PURRFUME with the fresh batch of gardenia oil which finally arrived, and they'll be ready to ship tomorrow (So sorry for the backorder and thank you, dear handsome and legendary Franco @ Lucky Scent and all of my lovely customers for your patience!).

So yes, I wrote this cool new song which I'm going to be recording for an upcoming CD. This one's going to let people hear me really sing out. Feelin' me yet? I'm revved. I'm also rehearsing and getting a live show in gear.

The CD will be part of a 2nd Sensorium of Song & Scent launch, again with a matching perfume.

The perfume will be a departure from the bright and sweet, straight-forward optimism of Pink Manhattan. Like PM, it'll be another hedonistic blend of sensuous pleasures, but it was inspired by myths and perspectives on the dichotomy of the Female, exploring deeper regions (and notes).

Sorry, no actual date until I'm close to launching but please stay tuned. Your support and kind wishes for success have kept me focused and inspired. Thank you so much!

~More to come~