Saturday, March 25, 2006

A Perfume Rant and the Fragrance Ban

A customer at a perfume shop I stopped by yesterday spritzed herself with a tester bottle 15 times. I thought the point of perfuming was to smell nice when people came close to you, about arms length. I could get a subtle sillage with one spritz usually, and depending on the strength of the scent, I could get away with two. More than 3 or 4 just seems...rude. But there are times when I go a little heavy: 1. when I'm in high altitude or where it's very cold and scent doesn't carry as far, 2. when I'm going to be home and no one's around to complain (or whoever's with me either appreciates whatever the heck I do or doesn't speak up) and 3. if it gives me confidence when I'm performing, like a mental anchor, a dose of reality or sense memory that kicks in when I need it (a perfume that I've performed well wearing once will probably feel good to wear again). Every now and then I can go nuts with a perfume because with whatever I'm going through, I'm just feeling that intense, and I think it's my right to reek, too...but I think in reality it's not appropriate in a world full of other human beings.

It is like assault when someone's perfume permeates the air we breathe, especially in close quarters and places where we eat and work--however, the fact that there are actual bans on perfume that have cropped up in Canada and California scares me. With growing bans on fragrance at work, school, even sections of restaurants, I feel we're moving toward a scentless society, and it frightens me that perfume, something I love, can be outlawed. I'm not saying perfume lovers need to stop enjoying perfuming (I will never stop wearing perfume!) but maybe we could stop giving the art of wearing perfume a bad rap by smothering the world with it.

While I have you here, I really despise certain synthetic musks and those musks are in everything including shampoos and detergents. I wish that trend could stop right now. Maybe the industry could cut those out and let perfumistas wear only the good stuff. Believe me, that would be an improvement. I'd rather smell more of something nice than a little of something foul any day.

~Spritz on~

"...but I want you my perfu-u-me..." (Amber: Sexual Li Da Di)