Saturday, March 11, 2006

Pink Manhattan PURRFUME: Thanks To My Fans

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of the fans, not only of my music but of my perfume, Pink Manhattan PURRFUME. Today I logged onto one of my favorite hangouts and found a bunch of online pals saying all this good stuff about it, and I just had to share some inside info and my personal thoughts with you.

My concept for the bottle was inspired by our skyline which is still my beloved home. The Manhattan skyline bottle labels were designed by Tiffany Kimmel, a talented Virginia native and then-college student majoring in Design who's just now starting a promising new career at an architectural firm in New York City. For the font, Tiffany gave me a bunch of cool fonts to choose from based on the feeling I wanted to capture, and I chose the one that would give Pink Manhattan a fast-paced and modern look that would be far from traditional 'feminine' fonts and would appeal to everyone. I wanted the bottle to look like the view of the city looking through a high rise window which is why I kept the label clear. I hope the bottle gives the impression of a sculpture even though I work within very limited packaging cost. They are all handmade with loving care. The result of our collaboration is exactly what I wanted and I thank Tiffany for her fresh inspiration for the project.

I went all out for my first fragrance venture and got my favorite oils to make Pink Manhattan with. The composition is not trying to carve out a new genre but it's a bold take on a mainstream theme, the ever-popular Fruity Floral. It had to be Pop because my music for Pink Manhattan is Pop (Indie-Alternative but nonetheless Pop). The overall feeling of the scent is light and sweet but it has a full heart and bottom just like my music. The Sensorium of Song & Scent package (CD and PURRFUME) was first sold exclusively to Tokyo, Japan through an FM radio show, and later the perfume was distrubuted in the US by B-Glowing, Lucky Scent, a couple of other boutiques here in the NY area including Luilei, Brooklyn. I designed the fragrance in about a year, taking into consideration and balancing the tastes of both East and West. I hope that the dainty yet spunky fragrance I tried to capture comes through to my fans.

What am I trying to say with this scent if anything? One, it's good to have some fun, and two, petite doesn't have to mean vulnerable or helpless--it can have some attitude and still be sexy. Pink Manhattan is a sense of mind. May inner strength be with you all--stay encouraged and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind support over the past year since the launch of Pink Manhattan. I appreciate that there are so many people who love this scent and can see my vision through it.