Saturday, April 29, 2006

Best of the '80s In Music

When people flashback on the '80s, I wish we'd lay off the really bad music and just talk about the good recordings that came out. There was RATT so we need not talk about too many other bands. But seriously, when I was working on Katsuhiko Nakagawa's album as a background vocalist in 1989 at Unique Recording Studios, there was one album that was regarded by the staff and the music pros as the ultimate in production quality, the standard by which all others (and their own works) were measured.

That album was Thomas Dolby 'Aliens Ate My Buick'.

If you haven't heard it, get it. Forget all the other '80s songs they keep pumping on VH1. You'll be glad to have heard Pulp Culture and Budapest By Blimp. I know that I was very moved by the quality of what I'd heard and the experience helped shape my musical taste and direction.

I refuse to believe that All of the '80s sucked. Just the people who make an entire decade out to be about cheese are the ones that do suck. It makes me wonder what their personal beef is or if that's really all they know.