Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Country Western Chic and a Mystery Solved!

What's with the photos of Edie Sedgwick? I guess I just like her. I'm kinda looking forward to the movie about her that's coming out this year.

OK--Just to reassure myself that I'm not imagining the overwhelming Wild Wild West trend that I've been going off about, the NYTimes confirmed that Western is "back" en vogue in this 3/21/06 article.

Remember my post about how TAXI (independent music A&R company that signs artists to labels) kept saying in their rejections that the current trend is "cool and airy" and I need to tap into that aesthetic with my music? Eureka! Here's a site I found that pretty much uses the same words to describe the current trend in fashion, per chance on a website for a mall in Alabama. Note how similar the clothes are to what we've been seeing in the pages of top fashion magazines, from crochet to long tiered skirts. Behold the new cool and airy aesthetic.

One singer got on the ball--Michelle Branch is singing Country with a new band, The Wreckers. The album, 'Stand Still, Look Pretty' will be released in May. I believe it's part of a huge movement to bring Country back into the Pop mainstream full force. Read about the Wreckers here.

So how big is your belt this season?