Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Into the Deep

Sandalwood is on my mind. I decided to let the cat out of the bag and announce that my next blend is a sandalwood blend of sorts, although it's not going to be a sandalwood perfume for a sandalwood lover per se but for someone who wants a semi-sweet sexy skin scent with some warm woods to back up the other notes. Does that sound good? I sure hope so because it's absolutely a favorite of mine.

There are various types of sandalwood but as I've written before, ever since the IFRA has decided to regulate the use of essential oils in the perfume industry, the perfumers are all buying out the best oils on the market, leaving nothing for the indies like myself. Please note that I am not using any banned ingredients but that some of the best oils have been bought up nonetheless by perfumers that fear they will be the next to be pulled. Fortunately, I had bought some of the essential oils I needed before they became impossible to find. With the addition of woods, it won't be as sweet a blend as Pink Manhattan; think of it as going a few octaves down.

I honestly don't know how many batches of the new blend I could make with the little I have of the precious ingredients, so it may be even more of a limited edition than my Pink Manhattan turned out to be. I'm very grateful that PM has done so well since its launch; I never thought it would come this far, but today I found yet another boutique, Luilei of Brooklyn, NY, had completed its website which looks beautiful, and my perfume is indeed one of their featured products. I hope that the next one will do just as well, and I guess when the time comes, I will do everything I can to find comparable ingredients and keep offering the best quality to my customers as I can.

The launch date for my "deep skin scent" will be sometime this fall. Thanks to some of my perfume buddies who have been testing the new blend over the past 8 months or so; they say it takes about a year to launch a perfume, and that's what the development time period has been for each one of my scent babies. Perfume is still a new venture for me as I've been doing music much longer, but I feel like I'm learning all the time and this journey is rewarding in and of itself.

I'm still writing and recording for the new album as well, and I think most of my friends and fans won't be surprised when I say that my musical direction is gonna be more hard-hitting songs than sweet ballads this time. After all, I'm all about the Song and Scent Sensorium, and sandalwood means fire and earth--serious business.

Thanks for your interest, love and support.