Monday, April 24, 2006

Metallic Scents and Music

Is it possible that the timbres I enjoy in music and the scents I enjoy have some correlation? The perfumes that I like have been described by some people as being "metallic". I think what they mean is that there are high-pitched notes they can't tolerate for whatever reason. I wonder if the same people dislike metallic timbres in music, too.

Paco Rabanne Eau de Metal is a discontinued perfume that I used to love. I always thought it smelled light and fresh. Recently, someone described it as smelling like metal, literally. So I went and smelled the bottle that I have that I only keep and don't wear anymore and thought "no, it's a slightly powdery light rose scent with maybe a touch of berry note". Jan Moran classifies it as an Aldehydic Floral, so naturally I start to detect powder, but I get no sharp notes, just freshness and a cool, light, barely discernable powder.

Maybe some people hear screeching loud guitars and think I'm a freak for liking that as well, but I don't care.

(Image: From The Morris and Helen Berkin Art Gallery, Berkin Satellite. Gunnar Larsen (Danish, born Copenhagen, 1930; died Paris, 1990) Metal dress and headdress by Paco Rabanne; worn by a model on the glacier at Les Diablerets, Switzerland, 1968)