Saturday, April 29, 2006

My Favorite Amber

I'm not an amber fan on the whole--I think I know why I don't wear some of my past favorites anymore and it has to do with the fact that I sometimes find the richness of amber overwhelming. L'Artisan Ambre Extreme is an exception. I don't know why, but I find this particular amber so very pleasant; as rich as it smells, it never seems cloying to me. Maybe it's the smattering of spice which lifts the composition and gives it sharpness to counteract the powderiness, or the vanillic sweetness that melds with the mellow amber and makes a deep, smoky, boozy, somewhat erotic, rounded and smooth, delicious skin scent. Ambre Extreme is probably one of the only amber perfumes I would consider wearing on a regular basis. I think it doubles as an occasion scent even though it's not very complex because it has a certain mature sophistication about it. Hardcore amber fans might find this too light and boring but for me, it's just enough oomph before going into the syrupy realm. (Edited to add: I recommend it more for cool weather because its dry down was quite warm on me.)

Red carpet, here I come! ;-D

Ambre Extrême (spicy, oriental) 2001
Notes: amber, vanilla, fresh spices