Sunday, April 23, 2006

r-H: Rhythm-a-Ning

If you wanna check out a unique and gifted rhythmmeister, I highly recommend that you take a listen to r-H and his BlackAsia Volume 1 album. Not only is this guy a total sweetheart of a person through the online contacts we have had, his sense of timing and musicality are so "on". He's got a #1 song on the Broadjam Top 10 charts right now under Electronic: Experimental with a song called "Indian Blues" which is one of my favorite recordings. My other favorite tracks by him are "Salvation Man" which showcases his sophisticated sensibilities with layers of avant garde musical phrases comfortably laying back like you learn to feel time in jazz, and "Chameleon" which is a very positive Rap which to me sounds like it's in the tradition of feel good acid jazz a la Groove Collective but with r-H's signature Asian influenced style. Who said Electronic music had to lack soul and meaning? Look out for his upcoming album, BlackAsia Volume 2 and check out r-H's website!