Saturday, April 01, 2006

Recording With Jazz Great Yoshiaki Masuo

Earlier this year, I was blessed with the opportunity to record with a legendary jazz guitarist named Yoshiaki Masuo on one song for an album scheduled to be released sometime this year. Masuo (as we lovingly call him) is known for having played with Sonny Rollins. What I remember about working with Masuo aside from his mind-blowing musical proficiency is his beautiful character. Like many people I've met who are involved in music at that level, he's a kind and sensitive person who's completely professional in his demeanor and goes out of his way to create good vibes for everyone involved. You can see in this photo the totally infectious smile of his that lights up a session. What a memory, what a delight. This is a photo taken of us at The Studio located in Soho, NYC. Clockwise from upper left: me, engineer Eiji Takasugi, jazz guitarist Yoshiaki Masuo, lyricist Mrs. Shirley Masuo. Yoshiaki Masuo is scheduled to tour in Japan starting in May--please check out Yoshiaki Masuo's official website for details. (Photo by Wuj)