Friday, April 21, 2006

Remembering Katsuhiko Nakagawa

One of my earliest and most memorable recording sessions was on Katsuhiko Nakagawa's album, "Human Rhythm". I remember being at Unique Recording Studios which closed up shop in 2004, but it was among the most famous recording studios where anyone who's anyone in the music business had recorded.

Katsu died at 32 (1962-1994). He was somewhat known but he remained a fairly underground artist whose songs were loved by devoted, select fans. I think he was unfairly pegged as a J-Pop idol because to me, he was an artist with real substance. Influenced by The Beatles, and often compared to David Bowie, his concepts were often very abstract and his songwriting had so much more musicality than any average J-Pop has to offer. I just wanted to share that he was a gentle soul, always a beautiful person toward me no matter what he was personally going through, and there was a lot going on, though I knew little about the particulars. He once told me that his mission in life was to spread love and kindness, which inspired him to name a prior album "Lover People". RIP--I have not forgotten you.