Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Sali Oguri On Modern Rock Top 10 Chart

Um...Sali, you've drastically changed your look! No, no, I'll explain. My Broadjam fans probably already know this but I've been on and off the Broadjam Top 10 Rock: Modern Rock chart for a few months now, and it's kind of wild because the song I charted with isn't mine (though I did co-write some of the music) and is in Japanese. It's a wonderful world where a song in a language most people don't understand could be loved anyway. But I'm like that, too, loving songs in languages I don't speak. Some of my favorite songs are in foreign languages and some songs I've learned to sing have been in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German and I'll say I have only attempted French and Albanian because my pronunciation seriously needs work!

So if you're interested in hearing a song that sounds like it was written for an anime soundtrack but really rockin', please check out Namida No View Finder by artist Fred Kimmel (my producer, owner of WUJ Productions) here--Namida is currently at #3. While we're here, congratulations to Fred because his song, Gone, Gone, Gone is #1 today! So check 'em both out (charts are moving in real time and standings may be different by the time you log on).

Thanks to all of our fans--You make it happen for us!!