Thursday, April 27, 2006


Fragrance of the Moment: Serge Lutens Un Lys. I find that if I wear this and Chantecaille Frangipane on different pulse points, they don't exactly clash. In fact they seem to bring out the best in eachother--Un Lys adds more headiness and Frangipane more vanillic sweetness. Oh-oh. Now I'll definitely need them both. I told you I'm good at this rationalizing business. But seriously, this must mean I'm missing certain elements in both, which means neither one is my perfect signature. My current desire is to find one that fulfills me in every way.

Music Playlist: Matahari "Shrine of Counterfeits" CD. Support indie music!

Sampled CB I Hate Perfume "At the Beach 1966"--This really smells exactly like beach air! It's a little salty, a little suntan lotiony (Coppertone), there's even a bit of warm sand and something tropical floral--maybe gardenia in it. I love it but I'd want it more as a room fragrance than on my skin. As it turns out, I like abstract perfumes more than perfumes that replicate exact smells in nature, no matter how interesting they are or how well-rendered. I'm really glad to have discovered this, though. It's a great mood picker-upper.

Dreaming about Le Labo Jasmin 17. I haven't heard too many people talking about this one yet. Perhaps that will change once Le Labo puts in a shopping cart on their website. Soon, I hope! I already have it pegged as my sexy floral (not that Pink Manhattan is too shabby, but it's not quite as shockingly animalic as this one. We all have our moods. Meow!), and I have a feeling it will be very fulfilling once I have more of it to wear (I'm still only sampling from a generous decant from a perfbuddy right now).