Saturday, April 15, 2006

Vintage Perfume: Worth Je Reviens

(This review is for the yellow-colored vintage parfum, not the blue juice which I find to be a bathroomy floral, just vastly different.) The skyscraper Lalique bottle is my favorite presentation of Je Reviens by Worth; if I ever could find one in a reasonable price range, I might want one (I have a small empty bottle without the blue stopper but I want a complete presentation). The chrome box that went with the vintage is also gorgeous but I don't have a jpg. The perfume itself isn't really my type but it's the loveliest of its kind: it's classified as an Aldehydic Floral (Soft Floral) and to me it's soft, powdery but not overwhelmingly, and it's round (the shape of the mix in my head), spicy (like carnation or clove) with spring flowers on a warm incense base. It reminds me of Nina Ricci L'Air du Temps (which I don't like, especially because every one of my mother's friends must have bought it for me saying it's a "young" perfume...yeah, thanks, but I wanted Poison) but less powdery and fresher, and it also reminds me vaguely of the beautiful and mysterious Guerlain L'Heure Bleue, only softer and more delicate, perhaps easier to wear. L'Heure Bleue is a bit too spicy for every day, at least for me because I'm not a spice girl (it depends on the spice and the amount of it in a blend). If Je Reviens were any stronger, I think it would be the original vintage Givenchy L'Interdit which was created for Audrey Hepburn. This was another Aldehydic powdery-spicy scent, but again, the newer version smells nothing like the original.

Vintage Je Reviens unfortunately turns a bit musty on dry down for me, most probably due to hyacinth which doesn't usually wear well on me, and also because the juice is a bit old (Does that stop me? I live dangerously), but it's one of those perfumes I would recommend serious perfume lovers to experience once because it's a true classic. I've only tried the newer version in a mini but it's nowhere near as lovely as the original vintage (which I have a tiny bit of in a sample vial in parfum, sent by a perfume buddy). The new version is still nice and fresh-flowery at first but the dry down is harsh and very incensy to me. You may, of course, prefer it that way which is just fine. :-)

I think it makes a nice Easter perfume. Now and then (or once a year), a delicate sprinking of spice mixed with dainty flowers and powder makes a well-mannered, polite skin scent. Maybe it could be a holy grail church lady scent. Is that your cup of tea? Well, there ya go.

(Image: Je Reviens vintage magazine ad, 1972. The emphasis of the text is on luxury and a scent that's "smooth and soft", that "never comes on strong" and "gently blends with your essence". The perfume first launched in 1932.)

(Image: 1952 ad,