Monday, May 22, 2006

Body and Soul

Fragrance of the Moment: none.

Tonight's Music Playlist: The Killers. People ask me if I'm into The Bravery and My Chemical Romance because I'm into The Killers and all I can say is, although those bands have pretty good songs, none have captured me like the songs by The Killers, probably largely due to the fact that I think Brandon Flowers is an excellent singer whose tone I enjoy as much as the precision of his pitch and the control of his phrasings. You don't have to sing vocal acrobatics to impress me at all, but I enjoy listening to singers who can wow me. I also just happen to like the 5 songs on Hot Fuss that I like. I could love a band and still not like many of their songs, as it turns out.

I also like System of a Down and will probably listen to them later. This is a band that wows me and amuses me at the same time. I appreciate the quality of the musicianship of each player in this band (at least on the recording--I have not heard them live). The singer's voice is not what I'd call beautiful but he delivers and entertains with power.

I was told recently by a Dreampop/Psychedic singer-songwriter that she felt that my music had a theatrical element. I thought that was a good assessment of my sound (and to be expected from someone whose music is very light and ethereal, nothing hard-hitting or dark). It's funny because I'm probably drawn to music that has a dramatic element as well. We also prefer very different keys.

I find there's always an exception to every rule. I can appreciate more cerebral forms of music in the same way I can appreciate perfume compositions that don't have shock value or anything bold about it. Of course, it would take a very special song and perfume to rock my world when it's that intentionally cerebral without any physically stirring quality to it. But on the whole, I like things that move me both body and soul. Does that make me a sensationalist? Probably, but only to a degree. I don't care for mindless sensationalism in the least. Or do I?