Tuesday, May 23, 2006

My Hands Are On Vacation

Fragrance of the Moment: My own, baby. Pink Manhattan, that is. LOL.

My hands hurt from making too many bottles this week so I'm taking a vacation. I need my hands for playing music so once my side biz gets in the way of that, I have to take a break. People around me think I'm nuts for doing all this labor myself anyway but I'm a perfectionist and I like making stuff.

I'm serious...my hands really are not in good shape right now. But I don't say this just to kvetch as I'm very happy to have gone all out. I made 30 of these babies (all by hand--labels, sleeves, the perfume itself) for a promotional event that one of the boutiques that carries my line has asked me to be involved in come fall. I've donated these plus 30 copies of the Pink Manhattan CD for the charity which I'll post about again when the time gets closer. The sets I sent out this month are going to magazine editors through this boutique in hopes that one of them will bite and give us a writeup in their magazine before the event. Please wish us the best! Pink Manhattan has gone from a teeny tiny indie gamble of a launch, a limited edition launch of only 100 handmade pieces just as part of the CD debut but a year later, it's turned into a small underground hit of its own in places like LA (I mean it's still selling slowly and it's an unknown brand with no celebrity following but among the cult perfume lovers it's gaining some popularity by word-of-mouth). I'm actually quite blown away as I didn't expect it to take off like this. I thank all of my customers, carriers and friends for your continued support.

Will I do this kind of promo again? I'll answer that after I land a writeup! I'm not making anything from this charity and neither is the boutique. But like I said before, you either promote yourself or you have to pay someone to do it for you, right? It is charity and going to a good cause; it will be worth it.

So my hands and I are on vacation!! I'm attending a beautiful little girl's 5th birthday party today so I'm feeling absolutely fabulous like I'm going to a princess' ball. I'm going in royal style and someone's going to have to literally feed me the cake! What do you mean it's not my birthday? I'm on vacation, I say!