Friday, May 12, 2006


I know this sounds like way too much self-promotion (c'mon, I could either pay someone else to do it for me so I can look good or I do it myself and maybe not look so good) but in all truth, I'm wearing Pink Manhattan all the time these days and not because I'm making out my orders and I just happen to be around it, either. I find myself craving it like I crave other fragrances that I can only dream of having created myself. I launched this fragrance last spring, and it feels right for me to wear it in the spring again. Funny how that works. I guess spring to me means flirty notes: fruits and flowers and a touch of sweetness.

I also brought out Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb from the neglected side of my perfume shelf today. This is a sweeter, more Oriental-Gourmand type of fragrance to me, and it feels right to wear for evening but not so much for daytime because it's quite powerful, reminiscent of an '80s powerperfume only made cotton candy sweet for our post '90s vanilla-loving era. But the fact that it's in-your-face is also what I like and respect about it. In a world full of quiet feminine fragrances, it's nice to know that there's one that refuses to be quieted down.

Flowerbomb is controversial these days because some airline refused to let the bottle onboard with the passenger. The bottle which is made of faceted glass is shaped like a kitchy hand grenade--not that the hand grenade theme hasn't been done before (Agent Provocateur did it)--and so now, people are afraid of traveling with the Flowerbomb that they just bought for Mom for Mother's Day. Perfume drama never ceases.

That story reminds me of some post 911 musicians' joke I heard about an Arab musician who gets onboard and tells a passenger that he's a guitarist, and that person hears it as "terrorist" and has him and his guitar removed from the plane.

Anyway, both Pink Manhattan and Flowerbomb are "pink" fragrances to me and they really feel just right for this time of year. I'm also planning to enjoy La Chasse aux Papillons again as warmer weather approaches because it's a lighter play on the flirty white floral theme which I love so much. That one's pink, too.

Do you find yourself resonating to certain colors at different times of the year? Does the color of the perfume packaging affect how you perceive the fragrance? And deep down, are you scared of a pretty pink bauble shaped like a weapon of mass destruction?