Friday, May 12, 2006

The Pleasure In Small Things

I'm decanting my Pink Manhattan PURRFUME tonight for orders that are going out over the weekend and because I'm around the perfume, I'm of course wearing it. :-) By the way, I'm happy to announce that LaCreme Beauty is restocking on PM, so people who live in the Seattle area can go check it out in person again.

It's a rainy night here in NY. There's nothing on tonight's playlist because I like the sound of rain.

I think I'm over Gem, at least for now. It suited my intense feelings for a few days but right now, my mood, my being, is tuned into a happier, brighter color scheme on the olfactive canvas. I'm taking a short break from Attrape-Coeur; at least I'm in no rush for a bottle. Besides, I have a lovely perffriend who's sending me a generous decant to tide me over till one day my need becomes unbearable and I have to own the whole shebang. Most of the time, I can live on decants, especially if the scent is very strong so I can use it slowly, in minute amounts at a time. I so enjoy these perfume friendships I have with many wonderful people whom I've interacted with over the years I've been floating in cyberspace. My growing perfume collection of samples, decants and even partially full bottles is proof of such friendships and I'm grateful!

Pleasure in small things: I'm all for perfumes being sold in the smallest, most affordable ways possible, since not everyone can afford a full bottle of something very costly. I know when I was growing up, I loved the miniature sizes that I could buy for about $10 at most perfume shops all over town. Those minis kept me alive almost as much as music did. I would take a mini with me to school and sniff the bottle or dab a tiny bit onto my hand during class, not so much to divert my mind from my studies as much as to keep my mind off of things in my life that were getting in the way of my focus at school. At least that's how I'm analyzing my perfume addiction now that I'm older.

Miniatures are godsend but so are the smallest 1ml sample vials. Nowadays, we can buy carded perfume samples on eBay and at many small boutiques. This, to me, is a great luxury. Many people don't know that people actually buy and sell perfume samples. There was a time when samples were intended to be given out for free and many places still can and do, but the salespeople at the perfume counters aren't quick to give them out. I guess where there's a demand, there's a way to get that supply out there.