Friday, May 19, 2006

Pretty, Womanly, Pink: Creed Spring Flower

Creed Spring Flower is my longest standing favorite. Since discovering it about 5-6 years ago, I'd say it's the most beautiful perfume that I hardly ever wear anymore. I still believe it to be one of the most breathtakingly gorgeous perfumes I've ever known. Be warned: traditional Floral lovers might find it too modern: cool and sporty with sharp, high-pitched green fruit notes such as apple and melon. I smell sparkly, citrusy bergamot as well. I've heard this lovely scent being called cheap, pedestrian and all kinds of names on the perfume forums. I secretly suspect it's mostly because it's a happy, pink scent marketed to women, not girls. Some people seem uncomfortable with anything that's marketed to women that still have some youthful girlishness about it. Well, I can understand the discomfort because very powdery scents remind me of babies and I can't believe women want to smell like them, so we're all entitled to our individual perceptions. I'm fine with fragrances that have coolness weaving through to fit active lifestyles. It's classified as a Floral but I would call it a fresh Fruity Floral with a somewhat sophisticated yet pink and dare I say, pretty, character.

Conversely, very young people might perceive Spring Flower as being more of a retro type of scent because many young women dislike Floral, which is fine by me because that translates to me as the perfume having a romantic vibe, which it does. Many men I've come across have loved this perfume enough to ask for its name to buy for a loved one. Spring Flower appeals to me because it's cool and crisp, not warm and rich. Analyze my taste as you may but Spring Flower will turn heads whenever I wear it. Truth be told, women have stopped me to ask about it, too, saying it smells beautiful.

So why don't I wear it as a signature? I think I stopped wearing it regularly for 3 reasons: 1. I notice a slightly powdery white musk-type of note in it which I just don't care for. It's the same type of musk I find in countless mainstream perfumes that smell good to me until the final dry down. 2. Apple notes have unfortunately been showing up in everything from dishwashing liquids to pesticides and thus may have ruined apple for me, and 3. sometimes I find it too sweet and flowery on the whole. My taste changes, too, and I'm OK with that. No matter how my taste changes, Spring Flower will always be connected to some of the happiest memories of my life and so I'll always want this scent around. I hope it never gets discontinued and I hope you'll discover it while it's still in production. (Image: Creed Spring Flower 2.5 fl oz. and 1.7 fl. oz. leather atomizer, from my own collection)

According to Basenotes, Spring Flower was created in the mid-eighties for Audrey Hepburn and launched to the public in 1996, three years after her death.

Creed Spring Flower (1996)
Notes: melon, apple, peach, jasmine, rose

Some sources have included musk, ambergris and/or cedar.