Monday, May 15, 2006

Rainy Town

Coffee. Not that I drink it all the time, but on a grey, rainy Monday morning in NY, it's like a necessity to get myself going.

Today, I'm going to one of my odd freelance jobs in entertainment: Voice overs. The most entertaining part is that I get to pretend I have a semi-authentic Japanese accent for this project. I say semi because they want me to keep my "L"s and "R"s distinctively separate (in Japanese there is neither but there is a sound that resembles both, thus the difficulty in pronouncing them for many Japanese) but they want that FOB sound that's still easy to understand. LOL.

Fragrance of the Moment: Chanel Chance. Actually, I haven't decided yet, but I think it's one of the few "career" fragrances that I own. Wasn't I looking for an office holy grail perfume recently? I need more of them for days like these.

One of the songs from the Yuming project (Rainy Town) is #7 on the Broadjam Electronic Trance Top 10 chart today. Well, whadayaknow?