Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Rock Perfume

I love the weekend because Free FM, which took over where K Rock left off, unfortunately only plays music on the weekends but they play really good music when they do. Tonight when I turned it on, they played Nirvana, Ozzy and System of a Down so I'm pretty happy. My fragrance of the moment is Serge Lutens Gris Clair which I think I'm getting a bottle of this year. I'm finding it a very wearable modern evening perfume, one that's not too stuffy yet very sophisticated at the same time. I like many Serge Lutens perfumes but I think this one smells like something younger people can appreciate because it's not overly flowery and a little gourmand-sweet. Call it mall-scent-ish, I'll say it's got sex appeal. I also like how cool and warm come together in a BIG, voluptuous scent. OK, maybe it's not warm per se but it has some oomph, some dimension, stuff going on inside. Gris Clair is not afraid to embrace the spirit of the '80s: unapologetically larger than life, dramatic, urbane and sharp but it's also very much in the minimalist mod way. It's a scent that feels fast-paced. It does more than keep up with my energy on the New York Ride--it keeps me on my toes being so passionately icy and mysteriously androgynous.