Friday, May 26, 2006


Music Playlist: Fred Kimmel "Goldfish" which is currently at #3 on the Broadjam Northeast Top 10 and #1 in Electronic. I'm trailing him on the Northeast chart today with "Private Dreams" at #7 and on the Electronic chart somewhere around #7 or so. The charts move in real time but check them out:

Broadjam Northeast Top 10
Broadjam Electronic Top 10

Fragrance of the Moment: Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio

Some of my perfume-loving readers might think I've lost my mind wearing the ever-despised Marine (Ozone) scents this week. I still love the "good" perfumes, too, like I can appreciate anything that's made with the finest ingredients on the planet, ya know, but sometimes, I just want something different. Do you ever feel like that? Maybe not and that's OK, too. But I like techno--can you dig it? Just like in music, there's no sound patch or perfume molecule "too synthetic" for me. It's all in how it's used--it's about the composition for me and the artistic vision behind the creation that makes it real.

There's no replacement for the real thing but synths are here to stay.

Have a good Memorial Day weekend to all my USA readers.