Monday, May 08, 2006

Thoughts on H2O and Mason Jars

I love to drink water and I drink lots of it. I drink it because it's good for me (cleanses toxins out of my system) and I like how it makes me feel (rejuvenates, balances my energy). I literally feel better each time I chug down a Mason jar full of water instead of any other liquid. I also love cold green tea which is a great antioxidant and also makes me feel good but with frequent servings I worry about my teeth getting stained, which brings me back to water, the perfect drink. It surprises me to hear that some people think drinking water is boring, like some big sacrifice because there's "no taste". I generally don't drink liquids for pleasure (unless it's lassi or Thai iced tea or something equally amazing) but to avoid thirst and dehydration (and by the time you're thirsty, you are dehydrated). When I'm out, I buy water to walk around with. I drink water during meals. At home, after I've danced around for an hour, I chill out with a long, tall order of New York spring, and I drink a glass before showering/bathing and another when I come out. I feel fortunate that my water's clean and doesn't taste all wrong. I fear that clean water could run out. And yes, I love Mason jars; I buy them at flea markets and use them for whatever I think they're practical for. I wonder if half my enjoyment is drinking out of glasses that I like looking at and holding. Glass is visually beautiful alone but water in glass is also mesmerizing.