Friday, June 02, 2006

Deadlyne: Rockin' the East Coast

This band rocks so hard they deserve their own post, so here it is. Deadlyne--Their limited edition 2002 CD is still one of my favorite CDs. Deadlyne's music is so very evocative--a deep, dark, intelligent, angular, hard-hitting, at times Hip-Hop-inspired Hard Rock/Punk/Active Rock with an atmosphere that drones like an altered state. They write great grooves in wild modes which create a sophisticated and exotic vibe. The music is inspired but I happen to think the lyricist is prolific; these beautifully structured lyrics are tailored to the music and as abstract as they are really say something. Deadlyne lyrics are to music what haiku is to poetry--less words tell all. I think everything about their music is well-constructed and they write these hooks that are unforgettable. Singer/guitarist Mike Martin's voice is very appealing as well as emotionally captivating. One moment, he slams hard with that biting tone and the next he'll sound pained and withdrawn in his surreal, dreamy way . Some of my favorite songs are "My World", "The Pressure", "Gluesniffer's Bridge", "Bottle", "No Time For Depressant" and "Cellophane". In truth, I love just about everything they got. Visit for an updated schedule of summer gigs. Next gig: June 18th, 2006, one o'clock-ish PM!