Friday, June 02, 2006

Eyes On Edie

Even though it's been awhile since Edie Sedgwick has been on our minds (what with the Wild, Wild West and Las Vegas being trendy and all), a film about her life called Factory Girl starring Sienna Miller is due to come out this year. Call me shallow but I just can't wait to see how the actress is going to be styled for the role. I do hope that the visuals will be groovy. I also hope that the depictions of the characters will be respectful and from a kind, compassionate perspective. They supposedly created a fictional love character for Edie when controversy arose regarding Bob Dylan and Edie Sedgwick's relationship. So, they rewrote Bob Dylan's character and added another, because, you know, they couldn't just keep a story about a guy and a girl who were good friends and leave the mystery as part of the story. Anyway, let me not judge before I see it. The Hollywood movie is due out in September.

Check out a clip from the original Warhol art film, Ciao! Manhattan here (Lost Footage of Edie).