Saturday, June 03, 2006


Today: Sampling Caron Pour Un Homme and Penhaligon's of London Lavandula, two lavender-based scents. Pour Homme is obviously for Men but it smells almost identical to Guerlain Jicky which had crossed over from Men's to Women's sometime around its launch in the late 1800s. Fougere (abstract fern--because fern itself has no actual scent) has lasted through the years and gone full circle being tossed around between genders, staying herbaceously masculine for the most part while women wore traditionally sweeter blends. Oh, but I like the aromatic Fougeres for myself...

I'm trying to figure out how many perfumes I've smelled in my lifetime and can't begin to know for sure. A woman on the perfume forum has started wearing fragrances by going from A to Z (and I don't think she's gotten off of A yet). I'm thinking maybe I'll do the same since I don't have much incentive to wear fragrance these days. While I'm at it, I might start listing all of the perfumes that I "know" (the ones I've either tested or worn regularly) to attempt to count them all.

I'm digging the lavender today. Pour Un Homme is a little more powdery sweet and comforting while Penhaligon's stays very high-pitched, cool and crisp. Perfumer Ernest Dalroff may have created a holy grail fragrance for me with Pour Un Homme after all. Look at the notes: it's got vanilla and tonka, and I wouldn't be surprised if amber's in here, too. These are the notes I've been infatuated with in the last few weeks, so at least I'm consistent about the things I like. Or am I?

Michael Edwards' notes:

Caron Pour Un Homme -- 1930
Top Notes: Lavender, Rosemary, Bergamot, Lemon

Heart Notes: Clary Sage, Rose, Rosewood, Cedarwood

Base Notes: Vanilla, Tonka, Musk, Moss