Saturday, June 17, 2006

Pilar & Lucy To Twirl All Girly

My fragrance of the moment is To Twirl All Girly by Pilar & Lucy. Pilar & Lucy is an indie brand that I think comes out of LA but I'm not sure. The scent certainly has that sweet, carefree LA vibe, and I even dig the bottle with kitchy but pretty marabou feathers, pink roses and all. One of the perfumers is an ex-ballerina, hence the name of this favorite new find. I love their poetic perfume names: the other two they have are called Tiptoeing Through Chambers of the Moon (a rich white floral blend of tuberose and amber, similar in feeling to Annick Goutal Passion) and The Exact Friction of Stars (a chocolate blend with a touch of orange). To Twirl All Girly is a sunny, delicious gardenia blend with supporting notes (which the company won't disclose so I can only guess what they are) such as vanilla, incense notes and subtle waterfruits (melon) and spice. I would call this a sweet, beachy scent with a hint of Eastern flavor, a spirited scent of unabashed femininity that feels both active and serene. This is a modern and minimalist blend but also one that's voluptuous and heady. It's an optimistic fragrance with a sexy, flirtatious sort of appeal. I don't know about you but I could always use some of that.