Monday, June 05, 2006

The Prince of Rock: Sheldon Tarsha

Los Angeles-based Modern Rock singer Sheldon Tarsha is the first indie artist I found on Broadjam (where I also have an account) whose music and voice I loved and whom I immediately knew was an extraordinary talent. He is a singer with incomparable vocal prowess whose sound is passionate, dynamic and strong, a true Rock vocalist with both grit and soul, excellent pitch and mindblowing precision in his performance. His timbre is perfect--he reminds me of some of my favorite Rock vocalists who are much more celebrated in the public eye, yet Sheldon Tarsha is my vocalist of choice, a vocalist whose sound and style are uniquely his own. His songwriting skills are as stellar as his performance--they're all outstanding compositions melodically, chordally and structurally--"You Are Everything" in particular is the quintessential rock ballad anthem of the Modern Age, packed with emotional power to literally move me to tears. It helps that it happens to be in one of my favorite keys (Bb minor), opening with a heartwrenchingly beautiful minor 9th with passing notes on the upbeat setting the groove in slow motion, each lovingly handpicked, precious guitar note piercing through my heart like the gentle sounds of rain when one feels devastated and alone. It rocks and keeps rocking until the ending that is pure magic--without a root chord it floats in space on a long sustain suspended on a VI chord (with shades of Lydian mode) like an open-ended question about the meaning of life. Just where do we go from here? It makes me wonder, but wherever Sheldon Tarsha is going next musically, I'm sure to follow. I hope you'll check this and other songs out at