Sunday, June 04, 2006

Songes, Lea, Elvin Jones

My search seems to be over! For the next 100 posts, all I want to talk about is Songes. I received a generous decant of the EDP from a perfumista pal yesterday (or has it been a couple of days?) and yes, I smell the plastic note that's talked about and yes, it's still incredibly animalic/indolic and anyone who doesn't like this aspect of it would want to run from it but I have fallen in love with both EDT and EDP in this gorgeous fragrance. The EDP has a sweeter vanillic drydown compared to the musky drydown of the EDT.

I'm not terribly attracted to either bottle design to be honest--not that the moon bottle isn't lovely and all, but it's very cute, cute not being my usual style. However, I wouldn't mind if a moon bottle dropped onto my lap one day unannounced. The regular spray bottles are also dainty and pretty, and I appreciate that these are glass. There's a ribbon with gold polka dots that adorns the Songes bottle. See two posts down for pics.

Today's fragrance however is Lea St. Barth. I've fallen in love with this simple sweet-powdery soft musky scent after all. Imagine a cross between marzipan and baby powder or baby oil. When I feel receptive to "clean" musk, Lea St. Barth is my holy grail comfort-skin scent. It's my perfect vanilla almond musk with a hint of cinnamon-like spicy sharpness to offset the light and fluffy airiness. It's probably too hypersweet to call "elegant" but it's well-mannered in an approchable, relaxed, down-to-earth way which I enjoy.

I've narrowed down my favorite perfumes to just 3. I don't know which of these I love the most but I'd probably die without these scents in my life (and never say never: surprisingly, they all have a softness about them that used to turn me off):

Annick Goutal Songes
Guerlain Attrape-Coeur
Lea St. Barth

The only perfume I feel like revisiting these days is Guerlain Mahora because I'd given away my mini before my frangipani craze began. I also feel like discovering a sheer summer perfume that might resemble one of my favorites. My current favorite notes are 1. frangipani, 2. jasmine and 3. vanilla.

Today's Music: Elvin Jones on My Space. Holy Mother of God Music.