Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Hunt For the Holy Grail

I'm in love with Annick Goutal Songes (French for "dreams"). This one might be it, folks. It's all I've been wearing ever since I bought a small decant on eBay and I'm getting ready to willingly forsake all others. When I first tested the EDP and EDT versions, I thought the EDP was too soft and musky-animalic and opted for the crisper EDT; however, now that I'm getting deeper into this relationship (and getting more used to it), I'm not as sensitive to the animalic aspect. In fact, now I want more from it than it gives (especially in terms of staying power), so I'm contemplating the EDP. I think the EDP starts out smelling fruitier in a low-pitched way, like pineapple or pikake which unfortunately reminds me of bananas, whereas the EDT sans fruit (to my nose) is greener and more floral than fruity-powdery-vanillic warm. I almost smell coconut in the EDP, which I don't mind as long as it's very subtle. The EDT just doesn't last on me, and I love it so much, I need it to last longer than a couple of hours.

The EDP has much better staying power and the drydown stage smells less fruity-sweet and more like the EDT in all its tropical floral sultriness. I hope I'm not just rationalizing an EDP purchase because I don't want to buy it and then discover that I couldn't live with the banana-like mushy-syrupy factor. Either way, Songes is wonderfully musky-sweet, a romantic, elegant fragrance that has all the beachiness I crave and even though the incense-vanilla-vetiver base is warm and soft, it has none of the musty forest earthiness that vetiver turns me off with. The quality of this perfume is top notch and now, after a couple of weeks of wearing it pretty much exclusively, I can finally smell the frangipani (plumeria) in it under all of the musky jasmine. Songes is the holy grail plumeria that I have sought for all of my life. Songes makes me deliriously happy in an inexplicable way, like I've simultaneously come home and gone off on a fantastic journey, as if all time stopped when I fell in love. EDP or not. Does it ever work out in the end if you grew into love instead of it being love at first smell? Maybe I should stick to the EDT and reapply it every hour or so. You don't think anyone around me would mind if I bathed in it, do you? Maybe I should sell every perfume I have and buy both EDT and EDP--now there's a temptation!

Now Smell This blog said..."Songes is the latest fragrance release from the house of Annick Goutal. It was created by Camille Goutal in collaboration with perfumer Isabelle Doyen, and was said to have been inspired by the scent of frangipani flowers at sunset on the island of Mauritius. The notes are frangipani, tiare, jasmine notes, incense, vanilla, copahu balm, pepper, ylang-ylang absolute, vetiver, sandalwood, amber and styrax."

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