Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Fumerie Turque Revisited

Serge Lutens Fumerie Turque is a serious perfume--it's about as sexy as strolling inside the mind of a wise old monk. Combine that with the scent of a medicine cabinet and you've got my signature. It must be two weeks since I've gotten hooked; by God, I think I've found it. It only took me about 7 years of searching and experimenting with at least 1000 other perfumes to find a love that consumes me. I recently read on a wonderful blog that this blend contains dates, which instantly--finally--revealed the meaning of Fumerie Turque to me: hookah pipes! Another thing I realized is that as heavy as the scent is, it stays very close to the skin with that airiness I've mentioned maybe once or twice before. I wear 3 spritzes at a time which last fairly well. Oddly, so far, no one else seems to smell this divine elixir on me, even in relatively close proximity. Fumerie Turque, on me, is a subtle aura of spicy-sweet-arid smokiness that almost resembles the scent of powdered green tea, the refined kind used in tea ceremony.

The drydown has a definite rose drydown which is slightly naughty-musky, and every now and then, I think I get a woody-syrupy whiff of Vivienne Westwood Boudoir (but seldom, really, considering how insanely heavy and rosy-woody-ambery Boudoir is in comparison). I believe I've broken my own "rule" which is to never fall in love with a soft and powdery scent, especially one that feels rosy and old-fashioned, not to mention hot-spicy in a somewhat carnationy, cinnamon & clove way. Today, I thought I smelled shades of L'Air du Temps and Worth in Fumerie Turque and I'm scaring myself. Surely, Fumerie Turque is edgier than those...It's almost like L'Air du Temps with the attitude of Aqaba or Nahema. Or is it? Can a bombshell also be understated, introspective and serene? Do you think there's a chance a bombshell perfume might even be intelligent?

My final thought tonight is that I think the day I buy a full bottle is the day this love will end, so I'm better off waiting for as long as possible. I wonder if Serge Lutens will ever release this perfume as an export fragrance and whether I'll feel the same way about it if/when that time comes. Of course, I wonder if tomorrow morning I'll still feel the same way, which is another reason to run with my decant for awhile. Something tells that the more I tell myself to look at the others which are more readily accesible, the more I'll ache for my sober, passionate beloved with a colorful, ineffably rich inner life.