Friday, October 20, 2006

Perfume Launch In Hell's Kitchen

I need to let everyone know that the trendy little bar called Siberia where I'm playing this Saturday is in a trendy little area called Hell's Kitchen. In fact, the club is too trendy to be easy to find. It's virtually unmarked and you'd walk right past it (like I did) if you're not paying attention. The address is 356 West 40th Street. It's between 9th and 8th but closer to 9th, and it's literally just a big black door with a tiny red light up on top (the address is there but on the side of the door). Hopefully, there will be someone at the door letting people in to make the place more obvious. I look forward to meeting everyone who's planning on coming down. Thank you for your support!

Now, without further ado, I know it's highly unusual for a music production company to be associated with fragrance but WUJ Productions & I have a special one-time-only perfume launch annoucement.

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It's not an official launch because it's not a sale, but this will be a debut. I'm offering free samples of my unreleased mixes in both Music and Perfume (The "unreleased" Sensorium?). I will give away the set consisting of one free "unreleased" CD of original songs and a preview of the scent to the first 10 people to come to my show on Saturday. Here are the notes:

The "unreleased" Mix (Persephone)--2006 WUJ Productions, New York
Notes: Hyacinth, pomegranate, Mysore sandalwood, blackberry, magnolia, amber, dark chocolate

The perfume has been a favorite of mine as well as among people close to me. I've referred to it before as my "sexy skin scent" and that's really what it is to me--a sensual comfort scent. I think of it as a somewhat mysterious semi-Gourmand-woody Oriental with just a hint of the lightest spring flowers in pale purple hues. The colors implied here are all royal purple with a hint of red (pomegranate). It's not a heavy blend per se but it's deeper and lower-pitched than my first creation, Pink Manhattan PURRFUME. If Pink Manhattan seems sunny and bright, the new blend is brooding, yet it has tenderness--a warm, earthy serenity, like sweet leather. My second blend leans more toward an elegant, classic style, although it's still not what I'd call a classical perfume. It is classical in structure but it smells like a modern perfume with hints of Gourmand--but don't let the chocolate scare you--this is not so hypersweet. It's a unique blend, soft and surprisingly delicate for a rich Gourmand blend, and I am happy with it. I believe it will suit perfume lovers of all types, from fans of rich Orientals to sweet Gourmand lovers, and even Floral lovers like me would be drawn to the fay, ethereal floralcy. The fruits are mere accents in this blend; you won't find heavy berries here but they somehow round out the composition and add a succulent dimension!

The story behind the creation: Not too long ago, a dear friend of mine had asked if I would blend some perfumes for her workshop. I composed 10 perfumes for the goddesses she chose. Each composition was inspired by goddesses from around the world, and the stories behind each representation of life and womanhood. I blended the scents and she made pretty bottles for them. Then, we both got into our own projects for awhile and the perfumes sort of took a backseat--since then, I have added some precious notes to make it even better and I'm ready to debut it among friends. It was originally dedicated to Persephone, the Greek goddess of the underworld, so I had her character and story in mind when I composed it. The low notes are to symbolize Persephone's hardship and the sins of her world while the light florals are a reminder that Demeter's spring bounty is always near. It's a sophisticated blend of mixed feelings and I think it's fitting for the perfume to be introduced in Hell's Kitchen, NYC.

I had sent a sample to Sand (of ¡Ombligo! blog and Fragrance Advisor for awhile back and she told me she loved it! When I asked whether it reminded her of Ralph Hot (which is a chocolate blend), she said, "in all honesty I feel it's so different from Ralph Hot that I would have never compared the two. Similar family maybe but still very different - take Flowerbomb vs. Coco Mademoiselle, Floret vs. Maybe Baby, Anne Pliska vs. Fifi.". So there it is; you heard it from a world class perfumista whose fragrance opinions I deeply respect. I may eventually come around and package/market the perfume but I've got songs to write and recordings to finish up first...Only the first 10 people to show up to my gig on Saturday will receive it! I hope you'll be among the ones to try it and I hope you'll come and post back with your thoughts. ~Enjoy~