Monday, October 09, 2006

Sali Oguri 10/7 Show

What a show! Thank you to all who came to my gig at Desmond's this past Saturday. It rocked! Your presence was what made the night larger than life. I appreciate you all from the bottom of my heart and the band appreciates you as well. I will post some pics later. A million thanks to Fred Kimmel, J. Dibbs and Patrick Carmichael for making this an amazing night of music. You are not only top notch musicians but artists in your own right and I'm inspired by your music and the beautiful people that you are. I just love being in your presence. The love you've given me is awesome and I will always treasure your friendship. Let's do it again on 10/21 at Siberia, NY.

Exciting news: Bernadette (of the fabulous The Glamourous Bee blog) came down to my gig! She was an absolute sweetheart and she's mighty gorgeous as well. Hot off the press: The Glamourous Bee has posted a review of my show so please check out the article, "A Night In Pink Manhattan". Thank you so much for coming to support me, B!!

I need to thank all of you in cyberspace who gave me support over the net, too. Your kind words have a positive effect on me--please know how much they mean to me. I'd like to also thank Marlen Harrison of perfumista fame for helping promote my shows in cyberspace. Please check out Marlen's article, "Designer Spotlight: Sali Oguri - Perfumer, Performer" on his groundbreaking, soon-to-be multilingual perfume blog, Perfume Critic (Marlen himself speaks several languages including Japanese). Arigatou, Ma-chan!!

More perfume pals to thank: The Scented Salamander has also been plugging away about my upcoming show at Siberia on 10/21. Please read her article, "Passion for Perfume - Portrait: An Interview with Sali Oguri".

Thanks to all of my friends--you know who you are. -ROCK ON-