Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Sali Oguri Siberia Gig Pics

Thank you once again for your support!! Next gig: TBA Stay tuned!!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

2007 Trends and The Fairest Scents of All

The new Aristo-chic: Read about it: Fashion Trends 2007 ‘Culture versus Cult’

Here is the new controversy in the fragrance world plus the latest scent trends according to Chandler Burr:

"Color Coded" by Chandler Burr for The New York Times

Friday, October 20, 2006

Perfume Launch In Hell's Kitchen

I need to let everyone know that the trendy little bar called Siberia where I'm playing this Saturday is in a trendy little area called Hell's Kitchen. In fact, the club is too trendy to be easy to find. It's virtually unmarked and you'd walk right past it (like I did) if you're not paying attention. The address is 356 West 40th Street. It's between 9th and 8th but closer to 9th, and it's literally just a big black door with a tiny red light up on top (the address is there but on the side of the door). Hopefully, there will be someone at the door letting people in to make the place more obvious. I look forward to meeting everyone who's planning on coming down. Thank you for your support!

Now, without further ado, I know it's highly unusual for a music production company to be associated with fragrance but WUJ Productions & I have a special one-time-only perfume launch annoucement.

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It's not an official launch because it's not a sale, but this will be a debut. I'm offering free samples of my unreleased mixes in both Music and Perfume (The "unreleased" Sensorium?). I will give away the set consisting of one free "unreleased" CD of original songs and a preview of the scent to the first 10 people to come to my show on Saturday. Here are the notes:

The "unreleased" Mix (Persephone)--2006 WUJ Productions, New York
Notes: Hyacinth, pomegranate, Mysore sandalwood, blackberry, magnolia, amber, dark chocolate

The perfume has been a favorite of mine as well as among people close to me. I've referred to it before as my "sexy skin scent" and that's really what it is to me--a sensual comfort scent. I think of it as a somewhat mysterious semi-Gourmand-woody Oriental with just a hint of the lightest spring flowers in pale purple hues. The colors implied here are all royal purple with a hint of red (pomegranate). It's not a heavy blend per se but it's deeper and lower-pitched than my first creation, Pink Manhattan PURRFUME. If Pink Manhattan seems sunny and bright, the new blend is brooding, yet it has tenderness--a warm, earthy serenity, like sweet leather. My second blend leans more toward an elegant, classic style, although it's still not what I'd call a classical perfume. It is classical in structure but it smells like a modern perfume with hints of Gourmand--but don't let the chocolate scare you--this is not so hypersweet. It's a unique blend, soft and surprisingly delicate for a rich Gourmand blend, and I am happy with it. I believe it will suit perfume lovers of all types, from fans of rich Orientals to sweet Gourmand lovers, and even Floral lovers like me would be drawn to the fay, ethereal floralcy. The fruits are mere accents in this blend; you won't find heavy berries here but they somehow round out the composition and add a succulent dimension!

The story behind the creation: Not too long ago, a dear friend of mine had asked if I would blend some perfumes for her workshop. I composed 10 perfumes for the goddesses she chose. Each composition was inspired by goddesses from around the world, and the stories behind each representation of life and womanhood. I blended the scents and she made pretty bottles for them. Then, we both got into our own projects for awhile and the perfumes sort of took a backseat--since then, I have added some precious notes to make it even better and I'm ready to debut it among friends. It was originally dedicated to Persephone, the Greek goddess of the underworld, so I had her character and story in mind when I composed it. The low notes are to symbolize Persephone's hardship and the sins of her world while the light florals are a reminder that Demeter's spring bounty is always near. It's a sophisticated blend of mixed feelings and I think it's fitting for the perfume to be introduced in Hell's Kitchen, NYC.

I had sent a sample to Sand (of ¡Ombligo! blog and Fragrance Advisor for awhile back and she told me she loved it! When I asked whether it reminded her of Ralph Hot (which is a chocolate blend), she said, "in all honesty I feel it's so different from Ralph Hot that I would have never compared the two. Similar family maybe but still very different - take Flowerbomb vs. Coco Mademoiselle, Floret vs. Maybe Baby, Anne Pliska vs. Fifi.". So there it is; you heard it from a world class perfumista whose fragrance opinions I deeply respect. I may eventually come around and package/market the perfume but I've got songs to write and recordings to finish up first...Only the first 10 people to show up to my gig on Saturday will receive it! I hope you'll be among the ones to try it and I hope you'll come and post back with your thoughts. ~Enjoy~

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

CBGB Closed

Thanks, Hilly, for the music, the memories and the opportunities to play. New York will never be the same.

Celebrate Fragrance Week!

It's Fragrance Week. Here's the word from the Fragrance Foundation's site:
FRAGRANCE WEEK, OCTOBER 16th– 20th, 2006

New York, NY, October 2006 – The Fragrance Foundation is pleased to announce a “scentsational” schedule of events for its annual Fragrance Week to be held October 16th - 20th in New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles."

What goes on during the holy week in which we celebrate the ultimate earthly indulgence, perfume? Firstly, Attention, Perfumistas: Marlen Harrison (Ma-chan!) of Basenotes and will be speaking at the fragrance event coming up this weekend in NYC on Sat. 10/21 at Lily's Restaurant at The Roger Smith Hotel (501 Lexington Ave. bet. 47 & 48 Sts) from 2-3pm.

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For those of you who don't know, he's one of the hottest perfume writers on the scene right now. He's recently interviewed Chandler Burr (perfume critic for The New York Times), and as if being cool and brilliant with a great nose aren't enough, he happens to be a total sweetheart of a person. Please don't miss your opportunity to meet Marlen and to hear him speak live--it'll be a treat, I promise! Afterwards, he and I will be meeting up at my gig at Siberia, so I hope you'll definitely join us! I'll keep you updated here and you can also visit Marlen's blog for details and updates.

***Speaking of perfume, come early to my gig this Saturday and you'll get a free perfume gift. The first 10 people will receive a sample of my newest blend, "The "unreleased" Mix". More details are coming soon.***

I am seriously celebrating this week because I've found my holy grail perfume (aside from my own creations--haha). Please let me reintroduce you to Clarins Par Amour Toujours, the object of worship and my innermost desire, the composition of my wildest dreams. This is a light and fresh everyday citrusy rose floral. The notes are Rosebud, Pink Peppercorns, Blackcurrant, Pink Grapefruit, and Raspberry. It's often passed off by others as being a juvenile, unserious perfume (which I can understand--it's the "daughter" version of the more "grown-up" Clarins Par Amour, and note the insipid pink heart-shaped spray. It's also reasonably priced for a prestige perfume), but when I wear this uncomplicated and gorgeous scent, I swear I'm complimented on how great I smell on an average of twice a day. I think it's a good sign that this formula works for me.

I've discovered a raspberry musk ending to this perfume and it's the kind of musk I like: subtly suggestive and yet it stays close to the skin in a mild, natural way. There may be a Par Amour Toujours-Sali Oguri wedding celebration in the making (and this will be a same-sex marriage, thank you very much), so please stay tuned to Pink Manhattan blog. (Image: Clarins Par Amour and Par Amour Toujours from

Now, that doesn't mean I won't be wearing other perfumes in my life. This fall, I'm also rocking Burberry Brit Red (a pre-Britney Spears Fantasy hypersweet tart-fruity-patchouli Gourmand), Serge Lutens Tubereuse Criminelle (when I'm feeling daring enough for tuberose, a heavy white floral--I've been told recently (and heartbreakingly enough, by a young child) that tuberose doesn't smell so good on me--so sad because I love tuberose! Bless them for being honest) and Montale Aoud Rose Petals (a gorgeous but heavy woody-with-fresh rose blend which someone said "smells like Right Guard deodorant from the '70s" (!?)). Oh, but I love, love, love them all, from drugstore Charlie to the discontinued Guerlain treasures...perfume, like music, can often be like a saving grace from the mundane...thank goodness for simple pleasures to make life a little more beautiful, inspiring and fabulous everyday.

Happy Fragrance Week! (Images: 1979 Revlon Intimate ad from, Burberry Brit Red from

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Sali Oguri--Sat. 10/21/06 @ 8pm Siberia

Desmond's Show Photos

New York City!!!! Kicking off the night, Sali gets the crowd riled up.

That's me accompanying myself on keys as I sing "Sometimes" from my Pink Manhattan CD. On my right: bassist extraordinaire J.Dibbs. He's written hit songs for Aaliyah, Vanessa Williams and Joe among many other famous singers.

When drummer Patrick Carmichael isn't playing with Sali Oguri, he's playing in Broadway's Lion King and in a jazz fusion band called Van Davis.

Rockin' Wuj (Fred Kimmel) is not only my kickass guitarist--he is the man behind the entire production. Without him, none of this would be. Thank you!!!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Sali Oguri 10/7 Show

What a show! Thank you to all who came to my gig at Desmond's this past Saturday. It rocked! Your presence was what made the night larger than life. I appreciate you all from the bottom of my heart and the band appreciates you as well. I will post some pics later. A million thanks to Fred Kimmel, J. Dibbs and Patrick Carmichael for making this an amazing night of music. You are not only top notch musicians but artists in your own right and I'm inspired by your music and the beautiful people that you are. I just love being in your presence. The love you've given me is awesome and I will always treasure your friendship. Let's do it again on 10/21 at Siberia, NY.

Exciting news: Bernadette (of the fabulous The Glamourous Bee blog) came down to my gig! She was an absolute sweetheart and she's mighty gorgeous as well. Hot off the press: The Glamourous Bee has posted a review of my show so please check out the article, "A Night In Pink Manhattan". Thank you so much for coming to support me, B!!

I need to thank all of you in cyberspace who gave me support over the net, too. Your kind words have a positive effect on me--please know how much they mean to me. I'd like to also thank Marlen Harrison of perfumista fame for helping promote my shows in cyberspace. Please check out Marlen's article, "Designer Spotlight: Sali Oguri - Perfumer, Performer" on his groundbreaking, soon-to-be multilingual perfume blog, Perfume Critic (Marlen himself speaks several languages including Japanese). Arigatou, Ma-chan!!

More perfume pals to thank: The Scented Salamander has also been plugging away about my upcoming show at Siberia on 10/21. Please read her article, "Passion for Perfume - Portrait: An Interview with Sali Oguri".

Thanks to all of my friends--you know who you are. -ROCK ON-