Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Caron Farnesiana

Caron Farnesiana is a scent I would describe as spicy-sharp-powdery, hypersweet, voluptuous, syrupy, baby powdery. I'd group it with other sharp-spicy powdery scents such as Kenzo Flower and People of the Labyrinths Luctor et Emergo. It also reminds me of the hypersweet musky, almondy (or cherry-like to some) Lea St. Barth but deeper and more refined. On dry down, the warm, smoky sandalwood peeks through. Farnesiana has grown on me, even though it's heavier, sweeter, muskier (like baby powder or baby oil) and spicier (almondy-sharp--think marzipan) than I usually like my perfumes. The beauty of this perfume is the sum of its parts more than the individual notes for me. Being a New Look launch, I think it was supposed to smell "new" but classic/traditional, sort of all-out extravagant yet controlled/subdued, and it does. I think of Farnesiana as a sophisticated, decadent Gourmand, even if florals are supposedly in here (tropical at that), and I find the blend more comforting than suggestive. It reminds me of Viennese tables and Mediterranean desserts, perhaps Baklava which I love in all its intensely sweet, syrupy-nutty-flakiness, and of liqueurs, perhaps brandy, cognac or Frangelico. Being on the heavy side, it's not something I could wear all the time but for special occasions, preferably in the winter, it's rounded and well-mannered yet festive and opulent enough for elegant parties. It's dark, sweet, rich and boozy, with almost a cinnamony feeling, and it makes me want to wear red. It's sumptuous, with a surprisingly unassuming powdery soft innocence for its base.