Monday, January 29, 2007

White Roses

(Image: Chanel No.22 The Perfume of Romance 1964 ad) This is love, sugar to my craving. I don't know what happened because I didn't like it at first sniff but I'm blissed out in olfactive heaven! Thanks to a generous and lovely perfpal, I was able to test Chanel No.22 in eau de toilette form tonight.

It's exquisite, the perfect midway point between sophisticated and all out romantic-sweet. It settles down very softly on my skin. The EDT is very true to parfum, which is good because the parfum is not available in the US. I find the EDT even sweeter than parfum and somehow rosier, but it's still high in quality, airy light and powdery soft. I can see how some classic lovers would object to how sweet it is but for me, it's just right; No.22 has turned into my favorite perfume to date--my white rose holy grail which I'd sought after forever!

I wish EDT lasted even longer than it does because I love it so, but considering how scarce No.22 seems to be getting, I'm not complaining. I found some gorgeous white refillable cases for EDT and cologne online--I wonder what the cologne is like, too, although I don't think it's being made anymore. I hope No.22 is not being discontinued. Is this why No.22 has been called "the forgotten Chanel"? That would be horrible since No.22 is loved (intensely by me now) and has a great reputation among perfume lovers. I recently came across some delightful Japanese perfume blogs where No.22 was talked about lovingly, too, and it was interesting to read on one blog that No.22 is associated with New York as well as Paris since No.22 was exclusive to these cities for a long time.