Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Secret, Classicism and Beauty

Are you concerned at all about this Law of Attraction thing? As well-meaning as followers may be, more people are finally starting to expose it for being the racist, sexist propaganda that it is (the theory being "you deserve your fate no matter what" combined with "you can do whatever you want" = survival of the fittest or Natural Law), but when I use a search engine and type in "Law of Attraction", I don't see the connection to the Rosicrucians, Nazis or Blavatsky root race theory come up (blatant racism! I can see how the caste system works in India--no, thanks!) and I'd hate to see history repeat itself just because people seeing through these new rose-colored glasses don't know where this could lead (I should have seen something like this might come up after the tantric sex trend (Phallic Worship (serpent worship)) popularized through the mouths of celebrities).

We can see clearly that Beauty and Fashion follow the same theories in visual form, to constantly remind us of this manmade CONCEPT or PARADIGM of racial hierarchy. Perfumery is no different, and now I finally understand why androgyny is considered cool (even in the perfume world--take note, fruity or gourmand lovers). The perfected Aryan according to Blavatsky is neither male nor female but back to the former metaphysical, androgynous state. Isn't it a convenient teaching to RATIONALIZE racial stereotyping, sexism and hate? So that's what being hip is all about--just remind yourself that anything good and happy and sweet, connected to sunny places where brown people live, or yucky real femininity (the kind that's not the female, or quieted, version of a man), is unhip and worst of all, un-Aryan. This is what good taste (or, if you prefer, correct taste) is about: thus, foie gras. Duh!

So, lovers of Classicism, I ask you now: Do you want to secretly bring back the Age of Reason and racial order? Do you really despise the notion of race mixing that much? Should we go back to accepting our fate based on bloodlines so you all can relax? Perhaps we should also remind ourselves as women that we surely have our proper places, too (that's before we undergo genetic manipulation so we can all be as one). The Enlightenment or Universal Mind was about there being ONE RIGHT WAY with EVERYTHING. We are One...human CHAIN of hierarchy. Men as complete male/female beings in one are gods, and we're free to live as their slaves! Amazing! They call this evolution? It sounds like ancient thinking to me. It's everything I've run away from all my life, the stuff that drove my parents and so many people of previous generations mad!

(Edited to add: Oprah is doing a story about The Secret on Jan.31. I wonder if she'll talk about the Rosicrucian symbols in the movie ( or the genie scene which was taken straight out of the book, Secrets of the Ages by Robert Collier. Stay tuned!)