Sunday, February 25, 2007

Lacoste Inspiration

Lacoste Inspiration is not the stuff that's revered in elite perfume circles, yet I don't care because I know this fragrance was made to smell pleasant for the general audience of women of which I'm one. Sometimes, you just smell a perfume for the first time and know it's right for you. Sometimes, my needs are very simple and I just want something that smells lighthearted and pretty, in a soothing, calming way. It's rated G as in good! Lacoste Inspiration is a crisp, airy laundromat ("clean" or aqueous-ozonic) type of scent with a touch of juicy (red?) fruit and soft white florals. There is some warmth to it (vanilla), making it a fresh floral fruity Oriental type of scent to me. It wears with a lighter feeling than it sounds. It reminds me of a paler Rimmel London Glam, Gucci Envy Me 2 and one of the laundry linen Incanto scents by Salvatore Ferragamo rolled into one. Seems I've got a Fresh holy grail scent now. Yeah! I'm rockin' with new fragrance loves this month. Happy Sunday! :-)

Lacoste Inspiration (2006)

From Freedom was the source of inspiration for Inspiration - the freedom to express your emotions to the fullest, to live with pleasure and spontaneity, and to make of each day a new adventure. This optimistic fragrance, nestled sensually in its sky-blue box, blends a sweet, fruity opening with Mirabelle-plum accord and a pinch of pink pepper. A voluptuous, powerful floral heart softened with lily-of-the-valley melds into a warm, gentle trail that blends powdery, woodsy, and vanilla notes.