Saturday, March 03, 2007

Parfums de Nicolai Sacrebleu!

Sacrebleu! is the name of a perfume by Patricia de Nicolai from her own fabulous line of fragrances called Parfums de Nicolai. Incidentally, this scent is supposedly one of Catherine Deneuve's favorites. What's it like? It's heavy, strong, musky, balsamic and spicy, more so than I can usually bear. However, the lively and sexy berry note always gets me to crave it at least a few times out of the year (or so my experience has been, ever since I received a beautiful indigo-colored glass miniature of this fragrance from a lovely perfumista I "met" on a perfume forum I haven't visited for a couple of years). I would say it's in the same family of scents as Rochas Byzance (a very ancient-type of perfumey scent which I have a hard time wearing for some reason), an Aldehydic Floral Spicy Oriental (or a spicy floriental synthesized by aldehydes). For those perfume lovers who want a touch of sweet berry without it going the candyish route, I highly recommend this gloriously perfumey, rich and opulent grown-up's perfume. Sacrebleu! is the scent of Cleopatra or Queen of Sheba in my mind: an earthy seductress's carnal potion (except a little toned down and elegant as French perfumes ought to be, of course). Not for the faint of heart and a little goes a long way but it is fabulous.

Does anyone know if there's an extrait version available in the US? I saw one on a German website but I don't know if it was ever released here.