Monday, March 12, 2007

Rochas Lumiere

Rochas is a line of French perfumes with curious names such as Tocade (meaning "infatuation" in French), Byzance and Byzantine (both named after the ancient Greek city and Greco-Roman empire) and Lumiere ("light" or perhaps "enlightenment"). Lumiere is one of those perfumes that took me instantly to a past memory: I remembered my ballet teacher with this scent. Did she actually wear it? I have no idea. It's a soft, sweet scent that garners compliments sporadically when worn. I'd describe it as a tender, creamy tuberose blend with soft fruity notes (like peach or pear) and oakmoss, sort of skin cream-like, heady but not without an ethereal quality. It's a very full, green (somewhat soapy) white floral bouquet, old-fashioned and fussy but lovely worn. It reminds me of Pavlova, Chloe or Quelques Fleurs but greener and smoother with woody undertones. Although I don't feel like wearing this on a regular basis, it's a comforting scent to me. It is my favorite of the Rochas line and to me it smells pleasantly optimistic. I'm sorry the original Lumiere in the purple-blue packaging seems to be out of production.

Notes on
Created by Rochas in 1984, Lumiere is a refreshing, floral fragrance. It's fragrant nature explores essences of bergamot, lavender and tuberose. Blended with notes of freesia, musk and sandalwood.

(Could the image be more '80s? From Images de Parfums)